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Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Aging is associated with a drop of the face with accentuation of the natural facial lines and development of wrinkles around eyes, mouth, chin and neck. Changes in the appearance of the eye lids, eye brows and a part of the face around the eyes also occur.

Changes are caused by reduction of the natural elasticity of skin, relaxation of mimic muscles and prolapsed fat sacks under the skin of the eye lids.  This is a natural process, which is manifested sooner or later in accord with the individual predisposition of the person. The first signs become apparent between the age of 35 – 40 years. Surgical procedures on the eye lids may be performed under local anaesthesia in most cases. General anaesthesia is also suitable in more complicated or combined procedures. ProcedureThe actual surgical procedure includes:  
  • removal of abundant skin on the eye lids
  • removal of a part of relaxed orbicularis oculi muscle or lifting of this muscle in the lower lids
  • removal of prolapsed fat or its shifting in the lower lids to non-aesthetic depressions in the upper part of the face
The surgery may be extended in accordance with the individual finding by lifting the depressed external eye angle (cantopexis) or lifting of the external part of the eye brows (smoothing of the wrinkles on the forehead and elevation of the eye brows). Surgery may also be extended by lifting of the dropped facial fat, i.e. medial lifting (facelift and minilift). In some cases, it is more appropriate to avoid any surgery of the lower lids due to a risk to develop too sunken lower lids. It is more appropriate to perform transplantation of fat to the so called „bags under the eyes“ (see „lipografting“). You will be informed by your doctor during consultation about the type of the surgical procedure, which is most appropriate for you.  All your questions will be answered and the most appropriate solution for you will be proposed.Post-operation course Nurses apply cooling compresses on the operated eye lids every 1-2 hours during hospitalisation, which lasts till the second day after surgery. This results in lower post-operation swelling and surgical wounds heal faster. You continue with the application of the compresses for another 1-2 days at home. Sutures are removed usually on the 4th post-operation day. Possible complicationsLike every surgical procedure, there may also be some complications in case of surgery of the eye lids. Occurrence of complications significantly decreases during appropriate post-operation care. Therefore we keep the patients in the ward after surgeries till the second day. Resting regimen without increased stress of the eyes is required also for the following days. Allergic reaction to local anaesthesia may rarely develop.  
  • Haemorrhage to skin or subcutaneouss tissue. These do not usually require any treatment and subside spontaneously within 5-10 days.
  • Longer lasting swelling of the eye lids after surgery. It may rarely be visible for up to 1 month.
  • Dehiscence in a part of the surgical wound, especially in case of indelicate handling (e.g. during washing, combing).
  • Persisting redness of the scars in the area of the external eye angles. These subside with time (it may be accelerated with pressure massages).
  • Small cysts in the area around the scars may be removed easily.
  • Inflammatory reactions are very rare and they are usually related with intolerance to suturing material. Treatment of these usually prolongs healing.
One should be aware that there are mild side-to-side differences between the right and left half of the face. These relates also with the area around the eye lids. Mild difference of the post-operation course of the scars may therefore be visible. Since the scars are completely unapparent after some time and they are mostly covered with make up, it is not visible and it does not reduce the good cosmetic effect of the surgery.  

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