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Liposuction plus lipofilling or lipografting
25.11. 2011
This is a message particularly for women who are going to have liposuction in a typically problematic part of their body; and who also are starting ...
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Modern Advances in Lower Eyelid Surgery or How to Get Rid of the Bags and Circles!
07.11. 2008
The most common description of lower eyelid surgery is limited only to an older surgical technique in which an excess of wrinkled eyelid skin and fat ...
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The healthcare facility is located in the building of MediCentrum, not more than 15 minutes by public transport from the centre of Prague and with a car park next to the building.

Chief physician - Jiří Vrbický, M.D.

Chief physician and owner of the clinic MUDr. Jiří Vrbický has rich experience in the field of plastic surgery which he has been practising for 30 years.
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