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Liposuction plus lipofilling or lipografting
25.11. 2011
This is a message particularly for women who are going to have liposuction in a typically problematic part of their body; and who also are starting ...
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Modern Advances in Lower Eyelid Surgery or How to Get Rid of the Bags and Circles!
07.11. 2008
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Lipofilling and lipografting

These methods are used to fill limited or insufficient amount of subcutaneous tissue in the facial area or anywhere on the body.

In the facial area the most frequently operated locations include ‘under-eye circles’, flat or sunken cheeks, deep lines between nose and mouth, sunken temple areas and thin or plain lips. These conditions might be a natural product of fat tissue atrophy due to aging or a hereditary disposition. Conspicuous subcutaneous depressions anywhere on the body might appear after injuries, operations, inflammations or uneven liposuction. Fat can also be used to augment flat outer lips (labia majora) in females or prominent depressions between the sinews on the back of the hand in older patients.

Although various sorts of heterogeneous material can be used in such filling (Injectable fillers), the use of one’s own fat is the most natural method. Moreover, the use of homogenous fat poses little risk of allergic reactions, uncontrolled scarring, forming of granuloma, etc. Although there is always the possibility of the implanted fat being absorbed by the body, the ‘lipografting’ method (i.e. fat transplantation) can produce long lasting or even permanent effect

The fat can be applied in two ways:

1) Lipofilling - the fat is applied in the same way as any other injection filling substance. The effect is usually good with no complications, but more than 50 % of the fat gets absorbed or transformt to oil cyst. The operation needs to be repeated.

2) Lipografting (fat transplantation) the fat is withdrawn in a different manner, it is more carefully prepared for application and applied in small volumes which are easy to heal in the target location. The effect is often permanent.


Our clinic usually  provides only ‘lipografting’, which can be done on outpatient basis.  The operation is done in local anaesthesia.

Operation, postoperative care

The area to be filled is marked on the body and anaesthetised using one of the local anaesthetic methods (depending on the location).The location of fat withdrawal is also marked and anaesthetised using the same method as in tumescent liposuction.  Adipose tissue is removed very carefully using a thin cannula to prevent damage to the sebaceous acini. The tissue is then centrifuged and applied to the target location using a special applicator with ultra-thin cannulae. Following the operation, the patient is transferred to the inpatient department or released. The target area should be cooled for several days. Swelling and tiny bruises can appear for some time after lipografting.

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