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Liposuction plus lipofilling or lipografting
25.11. 2011
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07.11. 2008
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Tumescent liposuction

This is a method of removal of sub-dermal fat, which is at most levels concentrated in certain parts of the body and can cause undesirable bodily proportions.

The localised deposit of fat in some parts of the body is caused by the action of hormones and genetics. Liposuction is in no way a treatment for obesity as a whole. We recommend it particularly for people who otherwise make efforts with their figures, but for whom diets or locomotive activities do not help them get rid of localised excess fat. The most common localities where sub-dermal fat is deposited at greater levels are, for women, the outer and inner sides of the thighs, hips, abdomen, lumbar region, inner surface of the knees, rear side of the arms, chin and others. For men the most common places are the hips, abdomen, chin and chest area. Through liposuction it is possible to draw off fat from other parts of the body, but there are areas where liposuction is not suitable (e.g. the forward surface of the thigh). It is not always possible to fulfil all the wishes and notions of the client.We are familiar with several methods of liposuction. At Dr. Vrbický's plastic surgery clinic so-called tumescent liposuction is performed, a method which was developed and is most widespread in the USA. In 1998 Dr Vrbický's clinic was the first in the Czech Republic to introduce this method. Thanks to his long-term experience, acquired by performing more than 2000 tumescent liposuctions, he knows well the advantages that this method has over others:
  1. it is performed only on anaesthetised areas
  2. the actual suction of fat is quite painless (there is only an initial feeling of slight pressure during impregnation)
  3. post-operation discomfort is minimised
  4. the likelihood of post-operation unevenness over the suctioned area is reduced to a minimum
  5. return to work is usually possible within 3 days of the operation
  6. the period when it is necessary to wear an elastic strap is now only 10 to 14 days
  7. during the operation there is practically no blood loss
  8. smaller operations can be performed for outpatients.


The area from which we intend to remove sub-dermal fat is first impregnated with a compound containing a physiological solution, a local anaesthetic, a preparation reducing significant bleeding and solution suppressing the stinging sensation during dosage with the given compound. During impregnation there is an initial feeling of pressure in the impregnated area, which quickly dulls and the area becomes numb. After the infiltration of the whole area with the compound, the actual suction begins, through small skin incisions (ca 4mm). Cannulas (tubes) are fed through the small holes, which are significantly smaller than those used in other types of liposuction. And thanks to this the thinner cannulas suck out a larger, solution infiltrated volume, reducing the risk of subsequent nodulation on the body surface. Actual suction is quite painless. Straight after the operation sterile pads are applied to absorb liquids expelled from the small holes for about 12 hours after suction. An elastic strap is also applied immediately after the operation.The whole procedure takes less than 2 hours. During this time the patient may listen to the radio, chat with the surgeon or make phone calls. After the operation no analgesic is administered as the action of the local anaesthetic remains effective for up to 18 hours. After the operation the patient goes by him-/herself to his/her room, accompanied by the nurse. Here, he/she can walk about, lie down, read and drink any kind of soft drink. As required, the nurse changes the soaked pads under the elastic strap. The next morning the patient is released from the clinic.

Post-operative period

In the post-operative period it is essential to wear the compression garment for at least 14 days. In rare cases, a client may need to wear the garment for a longer time. Drained areas may be painful to touch for 1-2 weeks, but this does not usually prevent patients from working normally. Return to sporting activities depends on the individual sensitivity of the client and type of strain. As a rule this takes about 1 month. The definitive result of liposuction is apparent for some within 14 days, for others within 2 months.

Possible Complications  

Tumescent liposuction, like any surgical operation, may be accompanied by complications:1.      suffusion of blood in drained areas and around them (usually absorbed within 14 days)2.      secretions from perforations can last for several days in rare cases (they stop by themselves without the need for treatment)3.      Very rarely tissue fluids (seroma) may accumulate in the drained area (the tissue should be punctured and drained a few times and the residue will progressively be absorbed)4.      In rare cases surface irregularities may occur in drained areas or around their edges. If they are more noticeable, they can be modified later with another procedure.5.      In rare cases there may be an allergic reaction to the local anaesthetic.6.      Infection in the drained area is an absolute rarity.7.      The sense of reduced skin sensitivity in the drained area can sometimes last several months.


Contraindications for tumescent liposuction are conditions of the liver, atrial fibrillation, diabetes and high blood pressure. The best results are for people up to 45 years of age, though it is possible to perform liposuction on healthy older people. 

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